Would this help you improve health and lose weight (as part of a complete healthy lifestyle system)?

In the quest to improve your health
And lose inches along the way
I’m sure you are aware there is a lot of information out there
Some of it contradictory
Plus things can change
Remember when it was advised not to eat eggs?
Fat of any kind?
I bet it left you feeling “what can I eat?”
And I know, even if someone wants to take action
If it’s all confusing
No action will be taken
Keeping you stuck and frustrated
Now I have enough self awareness to know
My articles (and emails)
Can sometimes be a bit, well wordy
So to help for those that don’t want all the words

I balance it out with something called infographics (like the one above)
You look at it and instantly get the point being made and apply straight away 
For instance the infographic above that displays Carbohydrate type foods
And has a sliding scale
Eat most often at the top, least at the bottom
So fruit and frozen fruit very near the top
Fruit juice at the bottom
Would that help?
It’s one of the things as well as a new exercise video and others
That I am “topping up” the followable content already in my followable system
Content that will be topped up, in relation to member requests
Members follow the total healthy lifestyle system, with ongoing support to get results

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Ed ( Can be a bit wordy) Stride.

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