At what age is too late to lose weight and improve health?

Science tell us after age 30 things start going downhill
Health and shape start to decline
Muscle starts to decrease
Which effects your resting metabolism
Which means if not long before you maintained weight
Now because your body burns less calories
Steady fat gain will be taking place
Gaining fat puts a strain on the body
Health and joints
But is it too late to reverse it?
Who can do strength type exercises?
Who can preserve muscle and increase lost muscle?
If you can maintain or increase lost muscle
What does that do to your daily calories burned?
Stops it decreasing or can increase it
Does that make it easier to lose?
Of course it gets a little harder but
But you can effect muscle, increase bone density
Support joints
Staying active later in life
Do you think that will also effect your well-being?
Ed ( If you are using my programme regularly be humble to those much younger than you that you run rings around) Stride
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At what age is too late to lose weight and improve health? - Your New Shape says 21st February 2021

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Madeline Theis says 6th August 2021

In modern days we can say that age is just a number if a person is determined to maintain his/her physique then age just does not matter a lot.

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