Is aging well down to good genetics?

When I was younger
When I first started going to nightclubs
I always had to take ID with me
I remember an annoying night where I was asked for ID and my younger by a couple of years friend
Just walked straight in
Yes maybe now I’m feeling better about it all
Although I was told I aged that first year I moved in with the step children
What about you?
Do you look and feel younger than your years?
Or feel everyone of your yours?
In terms of your shape, health and energy
So did those who age well just get lucky?
Well a study from Canada points out aging is 70 percent in your control and only 30 percent genetics.

So for those with good genetics it’s not a huge head start
70% of it is in your control 
Good lifestyle habits are again key
To slowing the aging process
Having the shape, health and energy of someone younger
The right regular exercise routine
A nutrition plan
That fits with someone busy and on the go
With lots of other commitments
Bet it’s easier than you think too
Ed (Maybe Benjamin Button had a bit of luck, but with an amazingly healthy lifestyle?) Stride.
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About the Author Ed Stride