The best action to take for those over 40 who want to improve health and lose weight?

Absolutely anything you want to achieve?
It won’t happen unless you take action
But what is the best cause of action?
Have you really gone for it?
Loads of effort?
Lasted a week and just not been able to keep it going?
Or with the health clubs shut
Just being out of what ever routine you had going?
Plus consuming a few more calories?
Knowing it needs to change soon
Time to take action
But what should you focus on?

I know you might be waiting for the right time

Gathering all the information

Waiting until you feel motivated

Researching the right diet method

Finding out which type of exercise burns the most calories

Want to know what would work if you did it right now?

Imperfect action!
If there was one thing as a coach I would have you focus on
To help you improve health, shape
Any objective
It’s consistency
Doing healthy things
Like being active in general
Structured exercise
Eating smart
Most of the time
Because you already know, some of the time
Means you stay the same
All the time
Means you feel great for a week
And then rubbish that you couldn’t keep it going
Focusing on what you can do consistently 
Means better chance you will do it week in week out
It’s consistency that makes thing happen.
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Ed (My other half said yes when I asked if I was consistent, sadly she was refering to anything health and fitness sadly) Stride
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