Whats worse than bad genetics for weight loss when you are over 40?

I’m sure you are a bit weary of trying to lose weight and improve health by now
You’ve tried so many times
Maybe I’m yet another voice saying I have the answers
Maybe you have settled 
Decided for you it isn’t possible 
Your metabolism
Hormonal balance
Medical issue (have that checked if you think that’s the case)
Actually it’s none of those things
It’s worse
It will keep you stuck forever 
If you let it
It’s a belief issue
Once you believe it can’t be done
Why would you even try
Yes some of those things listed above make it harder
By know it CAN be done
I have helped all manner of people do it
Different ages, situations
The how is very simple
Ask if you are not sure
Results are very possible
I have a system that achieves the results you are after 
And support that makes sure you do the right things long enough to get them
Ed ( I always believe it’s always the right time for healthy lifestyle advice at home, apparently that is a wrong belief though) Stride.
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