“Should you be eating that?!”

Any time I’m in a social setting and there is food
And I get the question
“What do you do for work?”
I have stopped telling them the truth
I will get comments like “you won’t be eating what’s here then”
Or “how do I lose weight?”
I’ve learned they never put the info I give them to use
Or worse I could be tucking into something
And then suddenly I hear 
“You shouldn’t be eating that”
“Thought your body was a temple”
Or I get people struggling to get results say “I know someone who can eat what they like”
Because they saw them eating something ‘off the healthy menu”
Here is the thing if you have been delaying taking action 
Until you develop a craving for nothing but salad
You don’t have to eat healthy nutritious food
ALL the time
Yes you might see someone in shape eating pizza or cake or drinking alcohol
But most the time what they eat will be healthy
They have just found their fun/healthy balance
If you haven’t got results yet
You don’t need to learn to love to eat salad all the time
You just need to find yours
Ed (Now when I’m asked the work question I say “house husband” they look puzzled, especially when they notice the step children aren’t feral, but none of those questions) Stride.
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