Which of these 2 types of over 40 somethings who want to improve their health and fitness are you?

I really hope you are enjoying these posts
Please don’t become an information collector though
It’s great if you know as much as me about how to be in your best health and shape
What I don’t want for you is to collect all the info
But haven’t yet used it
Want to collect more before you act
Knowing at least a few easy things you can do now
But instead still being stuck
Still being in a position where nothing is changing
Still nowhere near were you want to be
And at a point where it still causes you unhappiness and discomfort
I would rather you took whatever information you have so far and took action
Started doing a few structured low impact exercise routines at least a few times a week (you can get a free one at the bottom of this message)
If the amount of body fat you have is making you unhappy or giving you health worries
Then start adopting a few ways to reduce calories
Or at the very least get lots of steps per day
What’s better than an over 40 something who wants to be healthier and change shape collecting lots of healthy lifestyle information?
One who is applying some of it, creating a few good healthy lifestyle habits
Which will mean getting the excitement of making progress and results
Rather than an unhappy person who just knows how to get results.
If you need lots of help and support
Or if you are willing to take action but need a complete system to follow with some support
There is a coaching plan for that
For coaching packages and options: https://loseandshapeupexpert.com/Invest-in-me/
Ed (What’s better than information? Transformation! Between the brackets at the end is where the cheese goes :)) Stride.

PS: Scroll down for a free way I can help you with your fitness routine whilst the health club’s are shut

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