Personal Trainer Ringwood

Are you an ultra busy over 40 something with little time to focus on your healthy goals, such as losing weight, joint and back health and overall health?

Personal Trainer Ringwood

Grabbing food on the go, having little time to think about making healthy meals, or making adjustments or the right adjustments whilst enjoying your food and without restrictions that you know would help you make progress?

Personal Trainer Ringwood

Do you feel like you are stuck in a never ending rut, that could leave you feeling tired and overweight and worrying about your health for ever?

Ultimate weight loss system, that had to fit into the lifestyle of a busy over 40 something who wants to feel better than her younger self in great shape and have amazing health and vitality.

Firstly an apology, previously I had worked with lots of over forty something ladies, many who have children and was not totally aware of your situation, but it was about six years ago when I moved in with my other half and her then 4 and 5 year old boys...

I can literally say until then, I had no idea!

Luckily I was not exactly advising them to cook all of their meals for the week ahead on Sunday's and put them in neat little tupperware's...

I would have been quite rightly told where to go!!!

Now I have got just a little bit more of an insight and education!

Doing anything for yourself seems both a challenge and a luxury at the same time.

Life is so fast paced that most of the time, you haven't got time to think!

When you do get chance to think about yourself, there is something that bothers you and has done for sometime...

Due to this lack of time and the many commitments you have, you have been unable to stop your weight creeping up, you have noticed and become more aware of niggly back and joint pain and when the topic turns to health, this scares you a bit. 

The task of picking out clothes is more about hiding troublesome areas and making yourself feel comfortable rather than wearing anything you would actually like to, certainly anything figure hugging at this point in time is out of the question.

Not just this though, a constant feeling of sluggishness of feeling heavy, just the unhappiness of not quite feeling yourself.

Personal Trainer Ringwood

You may be taking some action when you can, even fitting in some form of exercise when you can.

But it's hard to be consistent with so many other demands and many temptations around every corner!

Plus at the end of a very long day, when for a very short time the pace of life drops, it's so nice to kick back and reward yourself with a glass of wine and possibly your favourite snacks.

Are you in need of a solution that fits with your busy lifestyle, that is simple and effective and guided and coached with accountability along the way?

When you get any chance to go out, it's with friends to coffee shops or eating out at restaurants faced with numerous temptations!

You see I have seen all this having been in the fitness/ weight loss industry for two decades.

Most of that spent in big bustling health clubs, where the message of exercising regularly is a strong one, but most people don't take into account that their eating habits account for a big percentage of their weight loss result, so a big focus has to be on this.

No one can make massive sustainable lifestyle changes all at once it's way too overwhelming.

So quite quickly to help those that had come to me seeking results I realised I needed to create the ultimate weight loss system, that had to fit into the lifestyle of a busy mum:

Over 40's Healthy Lose and Shape Up System.

The format is simple, personalised exercise routines designed to burn calories (long after the session finishes).

Using my low impact/ high calorie burn exercise system. (Kind to and strengthens and supports joints and backs).

Eating habit guidance, completely coached along the way

 And an online group for ongoing support and daily coaching.

*If you need some steps to follow now to get you started, scroll up to "get started for free now" I will send the guide straight to your inbox, I will send you thoughtful information 3 times a week you can action, don't worry I won't share your email address and the last thing I want to do is bug you, you can easily unsubscribe if you don't find them useful or for you!

Or if you are ready to take some action, mail me at: ed@loseandshapeupexpert with your questions and or to set up a free coaching call and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

A tried and tested system that makes getting results as straight forward as possible!

Personal Trainer Ringwood

The exercise routines are specific for busy women between 40 and 55 years. Not only are the routines designed to burn lots of calories and improve metabolism for losing weight and changing shape but they also take into account that you may have some niggly joint problems or lower back problems and exercises incorporate strengthening muscles that support and stabilise the frame of the body and increasing joint mobilty.

*For any questions on this email me at: 

Everybody I have taken through this system that had the desire to get results and were willing to make a few lifestyle changes without having to give up their favourite indulgences got results!  They just needed a system and an expert with experience of helping people like them and to guide them, support them and hold them accountable and get them amazing results and you can too!

To read about the results of some of my clients scroll down or for even more inspiration and motivation go to the "Success Stories' section of the website.

The Over 40 something Healthy Lose and Shape Up System is a total weight loss and health solution.

The plan is not just about losing weight, changing shape and decreasing clothes sizes for the short term, it's about lying the foundation to creating a healthy lifestyle rather than a quick fix and eliminating the pattern of yo-yoing making sure results are long term.

Along side the specific exercise sessions, there is a big emphasis on eating for weight loss as this is an important component, we agree on the most effective and important habits for you to implement next.

​Weekly I have you send me measurements or report back on how an item of clothing you are trying to fit into feels to ensure we are making progress!

At the heart of the system are the exercise routines, these can be followed by anyone regardless of current ability, their purpose is to burn a few calories (during and long after the session is finished) but the exercises are designed to be low impact, I'm aware you may have back problems, joint problems and other aches and pains, which may have been occurring since pregnancy regardless of the age of your children, so exercises are designed to ease and improve, not aggravate. you can fit the personalised exercise sessions into your busy day. 

There is also an online group for support, where you can post questions, discuss challenges or anything relevant, I encourage you to post your progress as you go.  
I will be in there as well as the resident expert to provide answers and keep you on track to getting results!

Click the button to get your Free report: The truth behind why METABOLISM slows with age (and how to beat it).

Look at all the results those I have helped have got so far!

Initially I was at least 8 kilos (17.4 Lbs) overweight and I was very unhappy about this.I wanted to reduce my body measurements a little as well as lose some weight so that I could hopefully drop a dress size before my only daughter's wedding.

Before starting I wondered if I would be able to maintain a reduction in measurements as well as weight in the longer term.I changed my eating habits and consistently worked out in the gym.

Initially I lost weight and then reached a plateau for a little while.

I consistently focussed on Ed's nutrition advice which meant healthy eating became second nature. 

I also kept Ed's disciplined structured approach to different resistance exercises that he introduced. During this period I also lost a high percentage of body fat to move me from a body fat rating of small amounts excess fat to quite lean. This was important to me since it raised my self esteem and gave me the confidence to carry on.

I would highly recommend the principles of the Ed's lifestyle system to get results. It was not a short term fix. It has become a way of life. As regards someone starting in a similar position to me I would advise asking Ed for consistent help at the beginning but one also needs to be prepared to change ones mindset in the process.


I had imagined that a few simple exercises for a short period of time and I’d achieve my goals but then Ed started educating me. 80% NUTRITION - 20% EXERCISE!!!

Exercise was being overseen by Ed so that was not too much of a problem but nutrition - now that was different. I liked enjoying life and that involved copious amounts of food and wine (not white though) and how I loved crisps, chocolate and cake!!

Ed asked me to keep a food diary for him to assess my eating habits. Could I really disclose my lifestyle!

And so it began. Taking control of nutrition was difficult. Eating healthily rather than what I really felt like eating was tough. A bag of crisps or a bowl of olives - crisps every time!! I began to realise that no amount of exercise would solve my problems and I needed to heed Ed’s advice and work on eating the correct nutritional foods. I slowly trained myself to abstain from wine and eat healthily Monday to Thursday. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were still for wine, food and fun.

The ever challenging gym sessions continued. Nutrition was constantly being reviewed by Ed with the suggestion that 2 days of wine, food and fun would be preferable. Ed’s regular measuring sessions on the scales were showing good results and with my daughter’s wedding imminent motivation was high. I was much fitter and faster on the tennis court and that was an unexpected bonus. Ed’s strict regime of nutrition and exercise, backed up by his inspirational emails and ebook, have enabled me to achieve good results.

One year on and I have lost 18 pounds, dropped two dress sizes, feel the fittest I have ever been and I even have a waist! I am still working to improve both my muscle tone and posture. I’m pleased to say nutrition is becoming more manageable and these days I choose olives over crisps every time!Thanks Ed - you’re a genius - I couldn’t have achieved this without your help.


When I started I weighed over 15 stone (96 kg) and wore a size 20. I got out of breath walking up the stairs. I have lower back problems and was regularly in pain. I felt shocked at the realisation that I weighed about the same as a rugby player and embarrassed that I had allowed things to get so bad.

I wanted to lose weight and be and feel healthier. My target was (and I’m nearly there) to lose a third of my body weight.The goal was so large; I didn’t know where to start. I felt self conscious, thinking that everyone in the gym will be toned and beautiful and will be looking at the fat, sweaty girl who can't do very much.

I did the 12 week course and exercise sessions. I made changes to my diet, breakfast and dinner was more balanced. I started going to a Body Pump class as well as doing the lose and shape up exercise session. When the course was over I kept up a weekly PT session with Ed and I've also kept up the weekly body pump class.

I struggled with the eating programme initially; I am a comfort eater and I work from home so making sure there were no sugary snacks in the house worked well for me as if it isn’t there I can't eat it. I also struggled sometimes with getting to the PT session and classes; there's always something else you could be doing; but thinking about the goal and how good I will feel afterwards always gets me there. Plus it's only an hour....I have lost 4 stone in weight and have clothes in my wardrobe ranging from a size 10 to a size 16 (women's sizing is so inconsistent)! My back is in 'the best shape it has ever been' according to my osteopath. An unexpected result is that I have gone from getting migraines almost every 2 weeks to hardly ever. I have much more energy (I can now run up the stairs) and will happily take the dogs for long walks. I feel much better about myself, my posture is different and I feel more confident.

A close family member, around the same age as me, had just had a stroke and that was a huge wake up call for me about being healthier. They are, thankfully, fully recovered now. I knew I was obese and whilst my cholesterol levels and blood pressure were fine I was putting my body under pressure and that scared me. Plus I didn't like how I looked and wanted to change.If asked would I recommend the programme I would say Absolutely!!! It's not easy (it's getting easier each day) but it definitely works!

If I had advice for someone thinking about starting I would say: Do it! I am not a 'sporty' person and did not think I would ever be able to achieve what I have. I have an under active thyroid and thought that meant I'd always struggle with my weight. Make one change, then another, then another and before you know it you're on your way.(And no one is paying you any attention in the gym; they're focusing on their goals and what they want to do!!)



I have been doing this so long and have so much faith in my programme, If after twelve weeks you have applied the steps and don't get results, ask and I will be happy to give you a refund, no questions asked, so what have you got to lose!

So are you finally ready to take action but just in need of a proven system that takes care of eating habits with short but effective exercise sessions that together provide a simple step by step guide for you to get the results you so desperately desire?