Do you need to count calories for weight loss results?

Even though I’m a coach even I realise that calories are not very interesting
No one gets excited when I can tell them roughly how many calories are in a food
How many calories are burned in a particular exercise for 20 minutes 
It’s a great conversation ender
But it does rule how much body fat you have
And therefore your health risk
And how you feel
If you have tried and failed to lose before
You just haven’t created a calorie balance for long enough, that’s all
The problem is ingested calories are underestimated
And burned ones are over estimated
We all do it
I added a new video in my system called
“You don’t have to count them, but calories count”
Let’s face it we are all too busy to count them
Plus different people absorb different amounts of calories
(Tip the fitter you are the better you absorb)
Plus calorie data bases give average calories for foods
Throwing the days total out completely
Plus counting them is a bit of a chore
That’s why in my system counting is optional
Because it can be done without counting
Having a handy way to measure portion size
And creating a balance of what you eat
Are better things to focus on
What’s great is that simple systems are easier to follow
To form habits
And the right habits are behind a shape rewind
Which also means a happy health rewind too 🙂
Ed (If conversations turn to me talking about calories and how say Bananas are a range of different calories, suddenly for most even 2 metres are not enough of a social distance) Stride.
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