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This bothers me! Could this be why diets never work, ab exercises don’t flatten your stomach? That it’s way simpler than that…

If I’m honest not too much bothers me
Well, maybe a few things
My other passion is the natural world
The fact that due to ongoing declines over the last 40 years, we are now the most nature depleted country in Europe
That every time a new diet is invented
It is supposed to be the next best thing
The reason WHY they all work is never explained
How one fundermental thing is what they all have in common
That you don’t need to miss food groups or follow a complicated system
That exercise companies will let you believe weight loss is down only to exercise
That continually doing exercises for a particular fat hotspot 
Helps you lose fat in that area
(It doesn’t, it’s not scientifically possible)
That actually what is needed 
For you to get the results you want is a total healthy lifestyle system
Not just exercise but steps to change eating habits without the hardship
Or giving up wine 🙂
Exercise that is personalised, that can be done without fancy equipment
That fits to the time you have available
That’s why my coaching is about all these elements with added support
Why do I mention it
Because what bothers me is seeing people think that the latest thing they are investing in is the answer
To the inventors of it, only making the sale is cared about
When you invest time and energy exercising regularly but without a total solution wonder why it’s not working
That no-one cares you aren’t getting the result you wanted
I can say I leave no stone unturned to get results 
I know the difference it makes when you fit in clothes you haven’t for a while
Start feeling good
Full of healthy energy
If you have a question, just ask
Might be the thing that gets you started
Ed (actually feels good to get a little bothered 🙂) Stride 
PS: Feel free to help your self to a free do anywhere programme. Low impact designed with 40-55 year olds in mind who want to lose weight, get fitter, have more energy and enjoy an active lifestyle for years to come!

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