Are you a women over 40 who wants to fit better in clothes, feel/look younger and better back & joint health along the way? 

  • Fitting better in clothes to feel more yourself and to fit back into your favourite clothes to remember that feeling of when you last wore them?
  • You know losing weight will improve your back health, your overall health and improve your quality of life?

Helping women post 40 fit back into clothes and feel themselves again! With some some nice health benefits too!

Hello, my name is Ed Stride,

Yes, you may have spotted I'm a hairy bottomed man who specialises in helping women!

I have been a Health & Fitness professional since 1997. Over the last 10 years + I have realised that the people I have been helping the most are very busy women over 40, therefore it is those like you I can help the most.

I may never go through the menopause myself, but I can do courses and learn as much as possible so this does not become a barrier to you getting the results you want!

Plus I know as well as the above there are other challenges to overcome - such as; Lack of time! Lack of energy! The feeling of guilt when you do anything for yourself. 

The best part of being a coach is having any role in helping the women get the results and make the progress they want, hearing how they are feeling better, happier and optimistic and looking forward to the future and what it holds.

Despite ongoing back problems and thyroid disfunction, there have been times I have been times I'm happy I (usually) practice what I preach!   

4 times in my life I was really grateful to fitness!

I like everyone started off exercising and eating better for a particular reason, when I started doing exercise programmes I was young (19) very insecure with low esteem and knew getting in shape would help.

As it's became a career, I've continued, my goals may have changed along the way and I have to practise what I preach! Being at a good level of fitness has helped with what life has thrown at me, here are 4 times I was grateful.

1). I have always felt I'm behind everyone else my age in accomplishments (still do) but when I was 33, out of the blue I was separated and heading for divorce, I was for once ahead of those my age, but not for a good reason! But I'd continued to keep up my fitness and health which was a comforting source of well being and self worth along the way which helped get me through, although I wasn't ready initially it was also great I was in reasonable shape, fit well in clothes, which gave me confidence knowing I could meet a special person again in the future. (And I did!)

2). Due to lugging around heavy boating equipment from a young age (started about 6) until I started full time work. By the age of 18 I'd really hurt my back, where you walk strange and when you sit down it seizes so you have to stand up in stages I joined my first gym at the same time, didn't want to tell them, I did a programme a normal 18 year old does and exercised regularly from then and it didn't happen again until I was in my 30's! (Even then not as bad).

3). At the age of 36, I was told I needed a hernia operation, probably same reason as above. I was worried about taking a lot of time off from an active job (coaching people and classes). At the time one of my clients was a health professional (an anesthetist) who advised me to chose a date that suited me to have it done as I would recover quickly, because my body was always recovering and repairing from regular exercise and pretty much he was right! I walked funny for a week and had to build things up slowly for 6 weeks, but I was back to work 5 days later.

4). I got together with my other half not long after my op above (not related ) we moved in together not too long after, the "package" also included two boys aged 4 & 5 back then, a very sudden change in lifestyle meant me endlessly entertaining them! Football, bike rides, tearing around dawn until dusk, endless activities, crazy children's parties (got shot point blank with a nerf gun near the eye at one) I hope me having a certain level of energy and fitness has helped me create some happy childhood memories for them. I would be very proud if any of my healthy habits had even the tiniest bit of influence on them too as young adults.

What would you like to be fit and healthy enough to do?

If you want something to start you off - to burn lots of calories,  boost metabolism, help you change shape and improve back & joint health at the same time, with no equipment needed or much space -  help yourself to the free low impact exercise routine or to get in touch with me for any questions, mail me at:

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I look forward to helping you on your healthier journey in any way I can!


A personalised coaching plan starts by finding out exactly what you want to achieve and why!

I look forward to helping you on your healthier journey.

A coaching system designed to your most important weight loss & health objectives, your unique requirements, flexibility, keeping it simple and taking into account your health and exercise history and what didn't work for you in the past.

Helping women post 40 lose weight to fit back in favourite clothes, improve their health and live their best lives.

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