Are you over 40 with a history of lower back issues, wanting to make your back stronger and supported to enjoy an active lifestyle and lose weight at the same time-?

  • You want to strengthen your dodgy back to enjoy an active lifestyle with friends and family and enjoy your favourite activities?
  • You know losing weight will improve your back health, your overall health and improve your quality of life?

Helping over 40year olds sort out their dodgy backs to remove discomfort and have an active lifestyle for as long as they wish, lose weight to improve back health (joint health) and general health and longevity, fit back into clothes and feel themselves again!

Hello, my name is Ed Stride,

I was very young when I started with the family business, lugging heavy boating equipment around.
 By sixteen I had already experienced the sort of back pain that meant if you sat down you had to stand up in stages and walked liked you'd just, well you know 🙂

Same thing happend again at 18. Not long after I joined a gym, didn't tell them on the health check about my back. Luckily doing regular strength training really helped it, I didn't get a flare up for a while. But whilst strength training is great, I wasn't doing enough mobility and stretching. 

Back pain would always start the same way, a massive almost electrical jolt in the lower back that felt like your lower body was leaving your upper body, then all the muscles around it would tighten up making movement painful and if you sat down or drove somewhere you would have to stand up in stages. 

Each time it happened I'd wonder if the tightness would ever go, on one hand I live a pretty healthy lifestyle but my tight back made me feel like an old man!

Which would make it hard to be a healthy role model for the step kids and leave me wondering if I could still do all the things I've got planned.

When your back goes it's a sign of wear and it's never going to be the same, but you can strengthen it and mobilise it to feel better.

Basically I just need to follow the same sort of plan I've put together to help loads of people do the same! 

If you want something to start you off - strengthening the muscles that support your back (and the rest of your body)  improve mobility and burning a few calories at the same time help yourself to the free low impact exercise routine or to get in touch with me for any questions mail me:

Or if you know you need more help and support, mail me and we can find out if you are a good fit for one of my coaching programmes.

I look forward to helping you on your healthier journey in any way I can!


A personalised coaching plan starts by finding out exactly what you want to achieve and why it's so important, we look at the challenges you face and what has stopped you getting healthier in the past (so we can push through it together!)

A plan is not me telling you what to do, I design an exercise plan for you based on your objectives, based on your health history, based on your current level of fitness, these are always low impact, enabling you to strenghten and support your back and burn calories at the same time! Plus you choose when and where you exercise, total flexibility!

Then we keep in touch, once a week minimum to overcome any challenges and keep you on the path to progress!

I look forward to helping you on your healthier journey.

Exercise & Healthy Lifestyle plans designed to your end objectives, unique requirements and health and exercise history.

Helping people sort out their dodgy backs to lead the active lifestyles they want and weight loss to fit back in favourite clothes, improve health and live their best lives without restriction since 1997 !

My Coaching packages are all about Real results for real people!

For a free call to go through what it is you want to achieve and to see if you might be a good fit for one of my coaching plans, email me: with the subject heading: Free call and I will be in touch.

Start Now! Get a free do anywhere exercise programme: High Calorie Burn/Low impact, back friendly and back strenghtening designed by an over 40 something coach with a history of a dodgy back for over 40 somethings with a history of a dodgy back wanting to get stronger, lose weight and healthier to feel unstoppable.