Are you a Busy over 40 something on a roller coaster ride from dawn to dusk wanting to feel better about your shape and health?

  • Are you on a roller coaster ride from dawn to dusk dealing with the stresses of comitmments and responsibilities, fitting in the right exercises that still help you burn calories but are back and joint kind, with sound eating habits advice as you are often missing meals or grabbing food on the go and then over eating when you do get time because you are so hungry  and finding resisting temptations much harder by then, which you find is putting the brakes on any kind of weight loss result?
  • Do you just want to feel like your self again or even better, your younger self?

Losing Weight, Changing Shape & Improving Health for the busy over 40 something.

Hello, my name is Ed Stride and I have helped thousands of people just like yourself lose weight, change shape, decrease their clothes size, increase their energy and improve their health, move better, strengthen joints and backs and rewind their age for two decades now.

Right from the beginning it was quickly obvious that losing weight and losing inches wasn't just about regular exercise, nutrition habits were the missing link to getting results, in fact more than that a total lifestyle solution was needed.

Obviously as a health & Fitness Coach I enjoy a healthy lifestyle, but don't get me wrong I also enjoy food, a lot!

To make this a lifestyle, the system has to have a good balance of healthy and fun.

The key is always striking the right balance between having an enjoyable lifestyle and being able to get the results you desire.

I must have stopped growing at the age of 19, as although I was doing a lot of cycling I had a fondness of Chinese takeaway. A spare tyre of fat had developed around my middle, a spare tyre and spindly cyclists legs didn't really go together!

For me a healthier lifestyle started of by regularly going to the gym and with healthy eating tied in I was able to get leaner.

I quickly realised that it would be great to help others do the same, as at the time there seemed so much confusion and miss information around (there still is).

On entering the industry I found most people indeed needed the most help with weight loss and I quickly realised that when you help people get results it can be life changing, seeing the results people got and helping them get there, made me feel that this was the career I was supposed to be doing.

I worked in a busy corporate fitness facility initially for 3 years and then decided I was too old to go travelling for traveling's sake and decided to go and work abroad. I worked in a couple of different private health clubs in Dubai and was there for about 5 years.

It was towards the end of my time abroad I developed some kind of illness, I became thin, but ill looking. Some time later is was found I had thyroid disfunction (the thyroid being a gland that controls metabolism and temperature).

Someone Hungry for Knowledge

The treatment was very straight forward, but lead to rapid weight gain, in a few months I was two and a half stone heavier! I was dispatching the same weight loss advice but less and less people took me seriously.

I was engaged to be married at the time and whilst at a water park I was given the affectionate nickname of "tubby hubby".

I had less energy than before and despite trying to eat healthily I stayed the same weight, as a Personal Trainer advising and being the example to others, this started to get me down.

Eventually I returned back to England and started working in one of the largest chains of upmarket health clubs in the country.

I was still being healthy but I was still out of shape and just resigned myself the fact I would never be in the same shape as I was.

I am always someone hungry for knowledge and always feel that when it comes to the complexities of the human body you can never know too much.

Throughout my career, the same elements have always rung true, regular exercise and healthy nutrition, certainly practices evolve but the principles remain the same.

But rather than be a coach like everyone else specialising in weight loss, muscle building, sport specific, help all ages...

I decided rather than help the masses a little bit, I could help a specific population alot!

A specific population that I know very well because I am one! In fact, I berated my self for not doing it earlier!

I applied the information to my own lifestyle and was able to take my exercise results to where I wanted and it was something that I could also use to accelerate the results of those I was helping, win win!

Help the over 40 somethings be in great shape and have amazing health!

At my club, it seemed the people I could most help and related to (being over 40 myslef) where the busy over 40 somethings, they wanted to lose weight, but at the same time had a few other things going on in their life ! I also underestimated the amount of these who were also effected by thyroid disfunction and obviously with me they couldn't use it as an excuse!

I also met my partner at this time and she came as a package with two little boys, as we all moved in together I quickly had a better understanding of the unique lifestyle challenges of a busy mother. Not that I ever did, but telling a busy Mum to prepare all her meals in neat little tupperware boxes for the week ahead was not exactly a real world solution!

By now I had already adopted a results inducing a weight loss lifestyle solution around enjoying food, not having to scrutinise everything you eat and just adopting simple principles, I could never be bothered to weigh my food or counting every calorie before preparing and eating it, so I would never expect someone on the go to do the same.

Those coming to me were taking part in regular exercise that fitted in with them, but it was the ongoing lifestyle principles applied that really made the difference, eating habits being a key factor, yet still allowing a bit indulgence as there is no way I would every deny say a women after her horrendously busy day her glass of lady petrol (wine)!

Still to this day for me, it's the buzz of someone get ting results,  life changing results; happier, choosing the clothes they want to wear, rather than clothes that are baggy and just hide problem areas, or staring at a wardrobe full of clothes they longsto be able to wear with pride again, having more energy and altogether happier and healthier! By having an "age rewind.' 

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