Need a quick how to stop comfort eating tip?

During the last few weeks
Have you found yourself having more calories per day?
I know I have
Not just more calories
But more meals!
And I’m willing to admit it some foods just make you feel better when you eat them than others
And we know a lot of the food companies have manipulated them that way
I’m guilty in that I can consume so many calories at the weekend
It probably cancels out any healthy focus during the week
The problem becomes if food is something that is relied on
If there is comfort whilst having the food that turns to guilt after
But completely forgoing our favourite less nutrition dense foods is not the answer
Moderation is the key
I have constantly found my self going to the cupboard or fridge when I’m not sure I needed to
I saw this statement that struck a chord
And it may help you too, next time you visit the kitchen
A little question you can ask yourself to help avoid or at least increase your comfort eating awareness
“If hunger isn’t the problem, then food isn’t the solution.”
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Ed (If the fact I’m looking for and can’t find something gooey and sugary on a Saturday night is my problem, Broccoli is probably not the solution) Stride. 

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