Busy Mums: I designed this Weight Loss and Shape Change System for you!

If a weight loss/shape change plan is based on sceintific rationale, it will work.

Can the person follow it long enough for it to work? Well that’s something else!

When I designed a weight loss and shape change system for Busy Mums, the main things that I had to take into consideration was that; time is a HUGE issue and it should not be one more thing to think of!

Of course it also had to work! But if it’s science based and simple to follow then it will.

Infact in my local Busy Mum’s small group lose and shape up coaching group, if it does not work I give them their money back!

I made this video to give you some tips you can apply right now and to give you an overview of what it is all about.

You can also scroll down (mobile users) and help yourself to my free 7 step guide, 7 steps a Busy Mum can start doing now to make progress.

If you like the video, I post Lose & Shape Up videos and “infotainment” posts for Busy Mums daily in the free Facebook group:


If you would like to read some inspirational stories from some Mum’s I have helped:

Success Stories

For any questions or to apply for a 1 week free trial of the Busy Mum’s Lose & Shape Up System, contact me at: ed@loseandshapeupexpert.com

Here is the video. (My face will change from what you see if you press play :))




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