Busy Mums; Learn how to do the right and most effective exercise for you.

Are you someone who knows the benefits of exercise?
And how it can make you feel better?
No not talking during, no one likes that bit!
But do you sometimes feel like you are doing the right exercise for you?
You are aware your body has been through a bit (it tells you sometimes
Sometimes you stick to safe options, because you are unsure.
Or worse, although you want to exercise, because you are not sure of the best things to do you don’t.
Or you could join a class, it will help with motivation, although if it’s designed for the masses rather than for your joint and or back niggles and objectives, will it be right?
Or if you are a gym member you can have a programme designed, but when you are using it on your own, will it be as effective?
Or what about when you want to exercise, but can’t get to your place of exercise, do you have a routine then?
That fits into whatever time you have?
What ever you do is better than nothing, even if it’s activities with the children or walking or whatever other exercise you currently do.
But to strengthen muscles that support your body relative to someone post natal and some of those same muscles that will also help effect metabolism, improve shape and tone and effect metabolism…
Well, there is a bit more to that.
In my sessions, I know most are there to lose weight and their joint / muscle problems will be important relative to how much discomfort they are in!
Most “burn calories in less time” routines involve high impact exercise, not so good for joints.
The idea of my system is to use exercises with a big list of muscle groups, back to back with not much rest and do a few laps.
Exercises that work the core stability muscles, that incorporate the lower body and all important bum muscles (they hold the hips in place so learn to squeeze them constantly!) that involve moving in multiple directions (great for mobilty) that involve the ‘pulling muscles’ as our posture favours the push muscles and making sure that all the important bits you want to work are in there, like legs, bums, tums, arms ect!
Have someone do that regularly (why I don’t do pay as you go :))
Coach and support them to follow the right eating habits along side.
Works well in a group too.
If you follow that simple format you can achieve what ever it is you want to!!
For a free seven step guide of the actions and tips any busy mum can start applying now to get results, scroll down.
Ed (Even more of a weight loss/ fitness nerd than you thought) Stride.


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