Busy Mum, you have two choices when it comes to losing weight…

I now believe you can have too much information…
I maybe didn’t before.
Some poor person would ask me a question, like “How can I lose weight?”
And they would get their own personal 1 hour seminar.
Could they recall all that information?
I doubt it.
Do they tend to go away and use any of that information?
Most of the time, no.
Maybe it is not the information you lack.
Right now though, it could be the time 🙂
But soon you will a little bit more time.
And with losing weight you always have two choices…
You can take your calorie intake down very low, skip some meals, maybe add exercise in to burn even more calories.
After not having the chance to lose weight for a while, when the chance comes who would blame you for wanting to see something happening fast.
And doing it this way, if you are weighing yourself you will see the number on the scales decrease pretty fast.
As long as you find a way to keep those calories low.
Because the number on the scales will also decide if you can fit into the clothes you want to wear.
But, too be honest it doesn’t.
It’s the body fat that takes up all the room.
And sorry to say those that lose quick, tend to gain it back, or have to find a way to eat very little each day.
To look better in clothes, have them fit you well because your shape has improved, improve your metabolism and feel very healthy.
Then losing ONLY fat is the key.
It can still be lost at the rate of up to a kilo of the blubbery stuff a week.
By making a few lifestyle changes.
Doing the right exercise will not only improve shape, but also fire metabolism.
So after unexpected indulgences, really good food becoming unavoidable on holiday, there will be less damage done because you burn a lot of caleries each day.
It becomes something you can do long term and maintain the shape and health that gives you a spring in your step.
I know because I follow my own system and helped loads of people do the same.
But of course it’s your choice.
If you want the more long term, healthier result, scroll down (mobile) to get my free 7 steps guide, 7 steps the busiest Mum can start doing now to make progress.
If it is something you would like some help and support, in September (when you get your life back a bit) I will be re opening the Busy Mum’s lose and shape up group, exercise sessions that effect metabolism with joint friendly exercises, (basically no jumping around) and you have to check in daily and weekly with regards to eating habits, its a system that is designed to coach, help and support you achieve what you want to do and make you happy,  there is a money back guarentee if you don’t, reply to apply for a 1 week trial, first come, first served as places are limited.
Ed ( I am very excited because my other half has told me it’s chille tonight, one of my favourites, I have often suggested we could have it Xmas day, if it’s just the two of us, save cooking – apperently it’s never going to happen, but my point is, do you think I could do low calorie?) Stride.


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