Busy Mum, why you havent got lasting weight loss results yet (and why it’s not your fault!).



There are lots of ways out there to lose weight, change shape and be healthier.
If they have a few fundamentals they will work.
In principle.
If the person can follow what is involved for long enough to get a result.
But if the plan can only be successful if the person has time (let’s say those that involve food preparation or tracking things) or if there is a lot of thought and planning involved…
Then I’m guessing that a Busy time restricted, highly stressed Mum isn’t going to be able to follow it for very long!
Which leads to frustration and feeling like nothing works.
In designing programmes and running coaching groups the plan has to be designed for someone who has little time for themselves.
And I know at the start of the year the summer holidays come round really quick and they go back to school after and then up comes christmas and another year has gone, leaving you asking where it went.
But how do you find the time? And if you have had a stressful day, curling up with a glass of wine or your favourite snack is much more appealing than bland food or the thought of exercise.
I know if you are reading this, feeling better and improving health are important to you.
So how do you fit it all in?
Well, hopefully you know me by know and I am not going to tell you it will be easy.
But having seen how it effects those I help, it will be worth it!
But it does involve putting yourself first just a tiny, tiny bit. (Easy for me to say :))
My programmes and face to face coaching involve a lot of time short cuts.
Throwing healthy meals together quickly if you have to, when you do have to buy food out, teaching you the best options, a system that does not involve tracking, measuring and looking things up.
keeping things simple so that on stressful days, it does not become another thing you have to think about.
Exercise that doesn’t always involve driving to a gym, exercising, showering, driving back or that it has to take an hour!
You see it does not need to be a full session or nothing! 10 minutes is better than nothing, if that is all you have for exercise.
That is what I help Mum’s do, coach them to get results and be able to do the best with whatever time is available.
There is always a way.
If a you need help getting started scroll down to “get started for free” and get a 7 step guide designed for Busy Mums like you with no time.
Ed (I was going to write my wittiest, craftiest sign off yet, but then I thought, well you probably haven’t got time to read it) Stride.


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