Why you are closer than you think to making real weight loss progress.

It was not that long ago, that I was trying to help every one with their health and fitness goals.
I realised I was helping everyone but only a little bit, those I helped back then included young lads wanting to build muscle, people training for a sport, athletes who wanted to be ultra lean, those who wanted weight loss, those with injuries…
When I looked at my own lifestyle…
I did not compete in anything and had no desire to be an ultralean athlete.
But looking good made me feel good and I have always loved being healthy and reasonably fit.
I had to try and fit in being busy and having a healthy lifestyle.
Well I thought I was busy until quite a few years ago I moved in with little ones!
Then I really realised how busy a lot of the Mums were I was helping.
I realised rather than help lots of people a little bit, I could help a certain group of people a lot!
Like me you want to look good, feel good and you care about your health and as I reaslised the responsibilty of being a healthy role model to little ones.
That despite all you have to fit into a day this is important.
But it’s fair to say you have a challenge or two 🙂
Time being one of the biggest ones!
Plus maybe a healthy lifestyle is important and the outcomes it brings, but most of the time it has to drop down down in the list of priorities.
Cooking one healthy meal and feeding everyone else is an accomplishment, never mind doing this many, many times.
And because you are so on the go, relaxing with wine and or snacks is a nice way of unwinding at the end of it all.
When you do find time or motivation to do any exercise you are aware since you became a Mum, you get a few muscle and joint niggles that you worry about and sometimes traditional exerercise can make things worse.
These were factors I had to consider when developng a coaching system to help busy Mums, to be able to make progress when it can’t be high priority and you have no time!
One thing you should take heart in are the margins are small.
You are a few healthy habit changes from making progress.
Just fitting in what is realistically possible, (eating habits being really important).
All I do is help someone do that, apply it all, which does not seem that big, but is the diiference between slowly gaining or staying the same and making real progress.
And design and take people through effective exercision sessions, effective but low impact, that take into account your unique joint and muscle niggles. 🙂
To help with lifestyle struggles and challenges, to motivate and support.
To help and support a healthy enough lifestyle to achieve what it is you want to achieve.
Go to “get started now” to get your free guide containing the 7 best lifestyle steps that a busy Mum with no time can take to make real progress.
Ed (I remember looking after the little ones for the first time for a few hours and doing various activities, basically they broke the Personal Trainer, I thought I am going to write myself a fitness programme for this) Stride.


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