When you are trying to lose weight and change shape and it just isn’t working! (A Weight Loss Coach’s story)

I remember it wasnt that long a go I was struggling.
I was helping those I helped using similar principles to what I used and pleased that they were getting results.
But I wasn’t.
I was exercising regularly, I was eating healthy and very consistently.
But I was out of shape, My shape did not resemple the words “Personal Trainer’ as it said on the back of my t-shirt.
Despite knowing a lot about weight loss science, the diets and gimmicks started to seem appealing, even though I knew at best this would be a short term solution.
But I longed to look like a fitness expert again, feel like I could be taken seriously by those I was advising.
Luckily I didn’t do what the other male trainers I worked with did at the time and order a work tshirt one size too small! That would not have been a good look!
This was starting to get me down, especially as I was doing the right things.
And to be honest being in shape gives me a bit of confidence, so at this point it was lacking.
It got to the point, where I knew it was down to the metabolic illness, I no longer had a thyroid gland and this was just how it was going to be.
But I was always learning about weight loss and fitness, for myself and to be able to help others focus on what works.
The fitness and weight loss industry was constantly evolving and being hungry for knowledge I learned about blood sugar stabilisation and how different foods effect this.
I always assumed because I was teaching cycling to music classes and exercised regularly what I ate wasn’t a problem, but in relation to what I already knew this made perfect sense!
I made a few adjustments and of course it was not overnight, but started noticing a difference and pretty quickly as I felt like a look like a fitness guy again some what, my confidence returned, I had more energy, the paunch was melting away and if I kept doing what I was doing I could take this as far as I wanted.
I was back in control!
There were some wobbles (pardon the pun) in the beginning I was eating a lot more Protein and salad meals, thinking I was going to get hungry, especially all the exercise I was doing, salad was for inactive people on a diet!
And no one wants to be hungry.
But I learned how to adjust things so I was never hungry.
I felt more like myself again and what was more I could evolve my own system to add these elements and felt even better about being able to help more people get results.
I was never great at tracking and measuring things and I realised those I helped didn’t want to do that and didn’t really have the time anyway! When it’s too complicated and time consuming it just becomes too hard to follow.
I am willing to admit, I realise aside from a metabolic illness, age is also a factor in metabolism slowing down, so the need to stay away from gimmicks, quick fixes and double down on what works is even more important, if you relate to any of this then that is exactly what you need to do too.
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