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You might be feeling stuck and frustrated with your weight loss and health progress, but maybe you are doing better than you thought?

I know you read my posts to improve your health and shape
Defy your age
I know that you are not yet where you want to be
Haven’t quite got your lifestyle habits in order 
Still looking to make progress
Maybe also lacking belief that you can do it
Telling yourself a few reasons you cant
Other comittments
Even your genetics
However, are you the unhealthiest and out of shape person you know? 
Is your health and shape spiralling out of control? 
Thought not
Which means
Despite being incredibly busy with lots going on
Even though shops are full of good tasting treats
There is stuff you do right
Stuff you are mindful of
Eating (and drinking) habits
Being active in general
Fitting in some structured exercise
Rather than focus on what you are not doing
Draw on what you do right to give your confidence to go further a boost
Of course if you have a question about that reply, sure I can tell you the best action to take. 
Will have something in the future for those that need help, or those that can do most of it but just need a structured push to get there. 
If you want something simple to follow to make some progress, scroll down to get my free metabolism report to make yours work for you!

Ed (“He’s right, I’m doing more right than I thought!”) Stride. 

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