Why am I (a forty something male coach) copying girls in their 20’s in the gym?

Now don’t worry
I havent become a middle aged letch
Following young girls around the gym
But they have some great ideas for glute (backside) exercises 
In fact that is mostly all they do
Glutes happen to be our biggest muscle
So if you want to maximise your metabolism 
They also help to bombproff back health and maximise hip health too
Two great reasons to strengthen this muscle 
In fact it is one of the most important muscles
Especially if you sit or drive or have a lower back or hip health history
Or want to move around strong and free for years to come
I’d recommend doing a glute or glute involved exercise every exercise session
But quite hard to target
Bridge and deadlift variations being good
But these 20 year olds have got some great exercise ideas too
Probably looks funny me copying the best ones
You might be thinking it’s great they are working their Glutes for such healthy reasons
Yeah but, for them it’s just fashionable to have a great big round butt these days
As always reply if you have a question

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Ed (does my bum look big in this?) Stride. 

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Er Ravi Gupta says 27th November 2019

Thanks for sharing a wonderful information. I really like read your post, keep sharing such valuable information.

    Ed Stride says 29th November 2019

    Will do Ravi, thanks for your kind comment!

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