It’s OK to do this when you are trying to lose weight and improve health.

I know at this point in time it seems to progress you need to change lots of things
Or when you take action you wait for a specific date (January 1 is popular) 
And focus on lots of things at once
And good progress is made
It feels good and exciting
And of course any action is great
But take too much that requires alot of your focus
And then life gets in the way
Something comes up
Work needs more attention
Unforseen event
It becomes too hard to focus on healthy lifestyle habits
And back to square one
The thing is, is that you are not failing if you are not always making progress
You are not failing if sometimes you keep things “ticking over” 
Or just do what you can fit in
Sometimes you just have to do that
Its what’s great about forming healthy habits you don’t have to think about, you keep doing them
But it does take time
The great thing about ticking over is that when you get chance you can pick things up again
Rather than the motivation it takes when it feels like you are starting at the beginning yet again. 
As always reply if you have a question.

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Ed (On frequent tick over) Stride

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