Would you take advice from an overweight fitness coach?

Not long ago I had this weird illness
Made me wired, had to go on beta blockers 
It’s all down to this little gland called the thyroid
So I had to have it removed
Short story version, I got fat quickly
90 kilo’s I weighed, I put on 16 kilo’s
My thighs rubbed together
I was promising results but I looked like I couldn’t do it myself
Even though I was still eating healthy
Exercising as normal
The problem was the number of calories I know burned was lower
The ongoing medication sorted it out a bit
But it never went back to normal
I bet you relate if you have something similar
Or if hormones are out of wack
Or you just find it hard
What worked for me was thinking “what if this was a coaching client”
Of course I would be telling them
“The only way to lose is make sure you put in a few less calories than you burn”
“Every food has a portion size, right for you”
“Even healthy food”
“Keep doing the exercise routines that promote a fast metabolism to burn a good number of calories at rest”
If I’m honest I would be saying “just follow your own system”
But would that work for you?
I’ve made it so you can personalise your own portion sizes and exercise programmes
To make the same progress or better
Even if you have no thyroid or something similar.
Coaching options, below.
For coaching packages and options: https://loseandshapeupexpert.com/Invest-in-me/
Ed ( Not to say I felt a fraud, but I would think me giving weight loss advice at my chunkiest was similar to a hygeine inspector who smelt, well incredibly whiffy) Stride.
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