How to avoid injuries, when you return back to exercise.(Especially for those over 40)

If you haven’t done proper exercise for a while

And are planning to get back to it soon

Then it’s unlikely you can return straight back to what you were doing

Now, the number one type of exercise
When it comes to changing shape
Effecting metabolism
Is strength type training
Anything that stimulates muscle
Second is cardio interval
(very short periods of Elevating heart rate, followed by recovery and then repeat)
The problem is when you haven’t done much of the above and you start with too much
Wrong exercise
Or more exercise than the body is ready for
the gyms will open again soon
And if you do too much too soon

likely it will happen
Nothing makes everyday stuff harder
Than a little injury
Or makes you feel older
Or like exercise isn’t for you
(We were all designed to exercise!)
Plus it’s very hard to burn calories when you can’t move
Of course the key is to start slowly
Only strength train (yes body weight squats and press ups count) a couple of times a week
To begin
Proper warm up
We are not in our twenties anymore 🙂
Exercises that suit you
The right starting point
Low impact
Strengthening those muscles that support you (core stability muscles)
As they may have switched off a bit
I read a great statement that summarises it 
“Injuries occur after too much movement after periods of not enough movement”
We all know if we want good health and be in shape
We gotta exercise
If you are motivated to exercise
Don’t need someone monitoring your every rep
Then I have a system for that
Either follow along low impact, high calorie burn exercise programmes or design your own
Of course with all healthy lifestyle aspects covered, because if you want to change shape, lose weight 
It will take a complete plan, not just exercise
Any questions reply
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Ed (ever go to play a sport after a long time of not playing it, one you were good at before, in your mind you know how you want to play, how did it go when you actually played, did your body do what you wanted it to?) Stride.
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