Best form of exercise for weight loss for over 40 year olds?

Something I observed at my time of working in health club gyms
In the south of England
And my 5 years living in Dubai
Was how popular cardio machines were
Stationary Bikes
Jogging outside is popular too
But unless someone does hours of it
Their weight and body fat doesn’t change
Even then shape doesn’t change much
It’s good for endurance though
But if the objective is weight loss and changing shape, improving mobility
Then it’s optional
I know when you are on a cardio machine
You can see those calories counting up
Thing is, once you stop, very quickly metabolism goes back to normal
There is a form of exercise that when you do it just a few times a week
Has you burning calories long after you finished exercising
Helps you improve metabolism
Helps you change shape
Have more mobility (if you do the right exercises)
Supports backs and joints (if you do the right exercises)
More energy
Stronger so that daily tasks are easier
It’s strength training
And there are so many ways to do it
Body weight, dumbbells, kettle bells, suspension straps (like TRX) even the odd weights machine (although it’s not necessary).
Maybe it’s because there are so many ways
That makes it confusing
But we 40+ year olds need to do it as muscle wastes away after we are 30.
Decreasing metabolism amongst other things
That’s why my programmes are built around this
But my method doesn’t involve jumping around
It’s designed solely for people like you
And the objectives you have
Like the free one below
And the ones in my easy to follow system 
The third of my coaching options in the link below.
Ed (cardio machines, jogging and human hamster wheels optional, unless you enjoy it, if not focus on your daily steps and go for lots of walks 🙂) Stride.
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