Would you like it to be visibly obvious that you exercise?

I remember back when I joined my first gym
I had been going for a while
Felt quite good
When I was cut down to size by the somewhat cheeky question 
“Do you even work out”
All that effort and focus
Does this sound familiar
Putting the effort in with your exercise
Going even when sometimes you don’t feel like it
All those hours
Yet are the results noticeable?
They are for those that follow a total lifestyle
Those who get the balance right
Know how to create a calorie deficit 
Long enough so it shows
And not just noticeable
But feeling the benefits too
Moving without discomfort
And energetic rather than sluggish
There are benefits to exercising whatever
But wouldn’t it be great for all your hard work to be obvious?

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Ed (Yes I’m aware they have dumbbells and stuff at the gym, I’ve been going for at least a year) Stride

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