How do you lose, change shape and improve health when you have little time?

One of the greatest challenges 
Being we are all of a certain age
That can get in the way of you doing the right things
Is a lack of time
Even if the motivation is there
And you have a great reason
There is other stuff going on
And spending a bit of time doing things that will effect you
Even positively effect health
Can leave you feeling guilty
The big problem is to get healthy 
It is about repeating the right healthy habits again and again
The more consistent you are
The better
Which is why there does need to be some kind of plan in place
Exercise sessions don’t have to be long
But in that time you do have to do what counts
For whatever outcome
Losing and shaping
Moving better and having better mobility
And like I said consistently each week
Healthy Eating habits do take a bit of planning
The fastest choice at the end of a long day usually isn’t the healthiest
But a tiny bit of consideration can make the difference
Building habits long enough that you can do them without thought is the key
If you can side aside a few times a week to do the right exercises
And plan ahead just a little to eat the right things
You will get there
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Ed (not saying I’m always hungry but I still struggle putting something together that I’m not eating until the next day) Stride.

About the Author Ed Stride