Do you need to exercise to lose weight and be healthy?

Gyms are at their busiest right now
It’s a new beginning
Let’s face it there are many reasons to exercise
The main one, certainly at the moment is to lose weight
Try and burn as many calories as possible
Is this the most effective way?
Not really
Can you lose by just focusing on the calories you put in?
Actually yes
Probably the reason the gym’s will get quieter soon
To lose you just need a way to create a calorie deficit
If you are using the gym but not doing that, then no weight will be lost
It’s what’s keeping you stuck
It’s also why weight loss groups are popular
So do you need to exercise?
After all it takes time and energy for it to work
Firstly if you aren’t then focusing on the calories that you are putting in is the most important thing
But exercise really helps!
Nearly three quarters of calories burned are burned at rest
So the fitter you are the more you preserve and use muscle when you exercise 
The more you burn
Muscle to body fat ratio is key in that
But re-read what I wrote before
You have to use it!
Plus when your body fat is low enough it gives you shape
It stabilises the body better (more support for your joints and lower back)
I could go on, but I won’t, you get the picture
Watch the calories going in and do the right exercise to make your metabolism work for you
Results even at ‘our age’ and beyond!

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Ed (thought for a minute that coach was going to tell me I didn’t need to exercise anymore- no such luck!) Stride.

About the Author Ed Stride