Would this new weight loss method highlighted on a BBC programme work for you?

This was a BBC TV programme on recently
Based out on an idea
That might get government backing
Actually it might have already
It was created to help us eat less
Do you find it easy to consume lots of calories?
Are you always sure of the best choices to make?
Are you aware of the health risk factors associated with too higher body fat?
Losing body fat is a big challenge
It seems we only go a few minutes from a food company putting their message in front of us
The result?
Thinking about and likely eating food
So the big plan is to put a label on anything calorific
Stating the amount of activity needed to burn that off
Whilst it would be a good thing to have a comparison
Maybe make you think about choices
I see more problems
Sometimes if you over eat when you didn’t plan to
Guilt can set in, would knowing you would have to run 10km to burn it off help?
Maybe you could just avoid over eating often
Plus you don’t need to expend everything you ingest
60-70 % of calories are burned anyway
Supporting all the active body tissue with have (organs etc)
The better the fitness the higher the number 
So you don’t need to burn it all off
But if you have weight / fat to lose
Even bits you don’t like that wobble that shouldn’t 
Then creating a calorie deficit is the only way
Yes I would suggest being aware of calories is great
And measuring your current state to see what’s happening 
But you don’t need to burn every calorie ingested
But if nothing has changed for a while 
Then you do have to become a bit better in your lifestyle habits
That is why my “rewind your age system” has numerous clever ways to consume less calories without noticing
And exercise programmes (that can be personalised) that help with the 60-70 % of calories burned at rest
Ed (What about a restaurant where they serve you whilst you are on an exercise bike, so you can get ahead of the game? Yeah, maybe not :)) Stride
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