This useful item of fitness equipment has not sold out!

Back when the gyms closed
Everybody suddenly rushed to grab their own fitness equipment
Suddenly things like dumbbells became rare
But one very important piece of fitness equipment in my humble opinion is still available
From a very young age and almost every week end I would help my Dad which involved manual lifting
Which ment by 16 I was having lower back problems
My mobility was terrible
In fact it’s been better since I learned about health and fitness all those years ago
But still plays up occasionally 
I have noticed those I help
And all us over 40 something’s
Have muscle tightness
And mobility issues
Could be enough to make you worried about leading an active lifestyle in the future
Or the level of discomfort getting worse
My exercise programmes (the done for you ones and the ones you can personalise)
All have mobility built in as well as burning a few calories
No good changing shape, but not being able to move without discomfort
So there is a piece of equipment I have that has really helped me reduce stiffness, increase mobility and move freely
Must be expensive you are thinking?
Actually mine cost about £10
It’s the foam roller
Hard cylindrical thing that you use to work on tight muscles
It’s a form of self massage (or self myofascial release, catch me 😉)
I always recommend starting off a routine by doing foam rolling exercises
In fact there is a little guide in my system
Like I said it’s massively helped me increase my mobility and all those I help.
Ed (“So Ed I’m on my foam roll in the right position, how will know it’s working-oohh” “There we go it’s working!”) Stride.
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