Can you avoid Covid 15?

I didn’t even know this existed
It was an article I wasn’t searching for
That just popped up
“The Covid 15”
That on average we will gain 15 lbs during lockdown
The thing is being in reasonable shape
Isn’t just how we feel
Having even a slightly up level of body fat is detrimental to health
Hard to avoid at the moment
It’s hard to get many daily steps in
Hard to get motivated to exercise
Because it’s near by, very easy to consume calories
Recipe for increasing body fat (weight gain)
Can it be slowed down?
Or even the opposite?
Of course!
Just have to make the time out for daily exercise count
And a set time a few times a week (depending on how much time you have)
For structured exercise
I’d recommend one of those programmes in the link below 🙂
And work out which foods taste good for less calories
(I have loads of those ideas ready to use in my system)
There’s always a way!
Ed (I will admit it is annoying to someone when I point out that what looks like loads of food I’m eating to them, has less calories than their “modest meals” oops) Stride

PS If you are carrying on exercising (smart choice), here is a way I can help you with your fitness routine – a free do anywhere, especially for over 40 somethings, high calorie burn/ low impact exercise progamme, go here:

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