Why the other 140+ is important to losing, shaping and being healthy and happy.

if you exercise a few times a week regularly
Then that’s great and you are doing better than most
This on its own is a healthy habit
But unlikely to get you the results you want
Previously when a lot of what I did was taking people through 
A personalised exercise session
Tailoring it to their needs 
Some would get amazing results
Some wouldn’t change very much
So, was I getting it wrong with some
Missing something?
What was happening
Was the difference between what those I was helping
Were doing in between their Personal Training sessions
The other 140+ hours of their week
The training sessions were only a component of that
It was the lifestyle changes and tasks and habits developed that meant results or not
I held them accountable
But if what they did in between didn’t change
Nor did they
It’s why now I have developed a complete system 
With a followable option with a bit of help
Also available with more help and support
Tailoring the exercise, but having a plan for the rest of the time
That fits in
That supports shedding Lbs, feeling comfortable, having more energy
Feeling way healthier and happier 
Reply if you have any questions I can help you with
Ed ( Hiring a Personal Trainer so you can eat what you want is not a thing, sorry not sorry) Stride
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