Have you been back to the gym yet?

The gyms and health clubs have been open for a few weeks now
Have you been back?
I have ventured back a few times
The first time I was a bit nervous
More for the reason that it had been a long time
The advice I was giving was start steady
But how steady?
I needn’t have worried
Which just goes to show
Gyms are optional
Now I have a little bit of equipment, so I’m lucky
But it’s more about what you do
Not fancy equipment
And even more so, how consistent
There were so many times I could have happily skipped exercise
So if you are currently stuck
Out of the routine
But knowing you have to do something
Feeling sluggish and uncomfortable
Then to change the situation
It is about what you do
That it’s right for you
And even more so that you find a way to fit it in
Not talking everyday 
A few times a week
Will be enough
To experience change
For clothes to fit different
For energy to spike
To feel good.
If you want to go from stuck to great feeling of making progress
Then reply 
Ed (the good news, there were more exercise options at the gym, the bad news was there were a few strutters, didn’t get them in the garden, unless I’m a strutter and I didn’t realise 🙂) Stride. 
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