The point at which losing weight and improving health get’s easier for over 40 somethings.

In my experience as coach 
There is a point in the journey to get results
Where it gets easier
Smoother sailing
So to speak
But very few get to that point
If you are reading this 
Then likely you are stuck
Not changing
Or not knowing where to start
What action to take
So no action is taken
I understand 
There are so many different eating plans/diets
(Really don’t like that word)
So many exercise programmes
Which one do you do?
Which one is for you?
Which one works?
So another day/month/year goes by
And no progress
So the hardest bit?
The biggest hurdle?
Getting started
Taking that first bit of action
Action that isn’t too much of a hardship
That you can keep doing 
And experience the feeling of progress!
Ed (you don’t have to be great to get started, but you do have to get started to be great, I wrote it the right way round too 🙂) Stride.
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