Why it’s hard to make the right healthy lifestyle choices now and how to get better for shape and health!

I totally get it
If you have always found improving shape and health hard
Made progress and then quickly gone back to square one
Or feel like you are doing some of the right things
But that does not show up in how you look and feel
It’s hard
There is no belief
So why forgo something good in the short term
Or skip exercise to do something better or just have a break from the mundane 
If you have no hope that you will make progress
Might as well join in or skip that exercise that you haven’t got the motivation or let’s face it, time for
But success is based on short term decisions that effect longer term outcomes
I know because I try to do it myself
And have helped loads of others do it too
The trick is to make enough short term decisions and for long enough for it to effect the longer term in relation to shape and health
Not talking about restriction, maybe just a little restraint
Or every decision being about lifestyle
Just some of them
Or no room for enjoyment
Just a bit of the time
Maybe see it as an investment
Doing and creating a few habits now to feel great as soon as you start making progress in the near future. 
Ed ( Maybe it’s a bit like knowingly hiding money from yourself in a coat pocket, silly at the time, but good sometime later when accidently you find it) Stride.

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