How would you react to this healthy lifestyle scenario?

So picture this it’s time for a little weigh in
Yourself and a few friends have been encouraging each other
Get in shape for christmas
Feel good and get healthier at the same time
You are feeling good
Nothing extreme
But you have been achieving a good balance
Even been showing a bit of restraint on the week ends
Nothing Unforseen has happened
Big week end or lots of eating out or any takeaway
It’s your go on the scales
You step on
To your horror, your up nearly 2 lbs! 
It all goes quiet
I was witness to this kind of scenario the other day
And saw how it effected the person involved
Sent them into analysis of what they had eaten that week
Anything that was diffefent- thicker bread was blamed
Followed by the exclamation to do more at the gym
I felt sorry for the person, in reality it really didn’t matter as in
Gaining weight does not mean gaining fat
It’s not a given
In fact if you haven’t done any thing that different it’s near impossible to do
You have to go above the weekly calories needed by nearly 7,000
So if you need 2000 cals per day then that would mean consuming 21 thousand calories in total over the week
That would be some incredibly thick bread
It’s more likely this person was in a better state of hydration than the week before
Another reason not to rely on the scales
We are conditioned to think weight gain = fat gain
You know if you gained body fat
If you relate to this
Maybe add another way to measure progress
Measure around your waist
Go by how clothes fit
Yes when I’ve helped someone lose weight and they measure it (fat loss) they are excited
But never as excited as when they fit into clothes they have been wanting to wear
Or seeing themselves in pictures
And for once Liking what they see
And there is no second guessing those measurements
Reply if you have a question that would help you make progress

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Ed ( Wow with out doing anything different I have lost weight this week, I have reached a new level, lose without even trying, I could write an email about it, I feel thirsty, haven’t had chance to drink much water today, oh…) Stride.

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