How much does good genetics help with weight loss and health?

For those annoying people that stay in shape effortlessly
Radiate health
Sickeningly youthful
don’t need to exercise or watch portions and calories
Just good old genetics 
This refers to absolutely 
No one I know
All I will say is that it’s a bit easier for men
More muscle, better muscle to fat ratio on average
Don’t go through menopause the same way
But no one has a bad lifestyle and is in good shape
Talking especially about over 40s here
If someone has healthy body fat
They maintain a calorie balance (no other way) 
If they are in great shape 
they exercise regularly enough (and probably have done for more than a while) 
If they radiate great health 
They have a sustainable healthy lifestyle (won’t be perfect by any means) 
If they have improved things since you saw them (and anyone that fits the above too) 
Have struggled with consistency and fell off track at some point
Learned from experiences
Worked on building momentum and tracking results
Creating some good habits, practicing restraint sometimes, getting straight back on track when going off track 
Not giving up (having a good reason, being OK with imperfection) 
Genetics at best can be a head start, but won’t compensate for the other stuff
Need help with the other stuff, then reply. 

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Ed (I’m sometimes told I make an exercise look easy when I’m demonstrating it, but that’s because I only need to do a few in a demo, at the end of a proper set I would be pulling a face and really wanting to stop) Stride. 

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