Why a healthy lifestyle is like Calpol for a Busy Mum.

More than a decade ago I had just returned back from working in gyms abroad.
I had paid a lot of money for a qualification that took me a year to complete, but was back in the UK ready to get started working back here.
Whist I got a role a week or so after moving back, I would also be needed to complete an almost identical qualification again.
I was not too pleased at the time, but it meant I had learned most of the elements and could take on board anything new.
However the qualification was pitched a different way, a lot of the content was referred to as “sports medicine”.
It was a different direction as gyms were very much seen as places to exercise to look good.
Whilst it may not be our primary focus, a healthy lifestyle is in some way medicine.
Are you currently trying to improve your health? Or belive that losing weight and changing shape would make you feel better?
Do you currently feel sluggish and uncorfortable? Or just not feeling yourself.
Are you struggling with time and being able to do the necessary lifestyle things that you know will help, but maybe struggling with belief that means you have your favourite indulgences short term, because you don’t believe you can acheive what you want long term?
Either waiting to get started, or things have been the same for a while or struggling to do the right things often enough for it to work?
Whilst actually you would like to have more energy, feel like your self and feel like you are making real progress.
Then maybe I can prescribe you some medicine!
You know you need to lead an active lifestyle and fit in whatever exercise you can per week.
I help busy mums do the right exercises, I pride myself in personalising the routines, making them challenging enough for things to happen but very low impact, most people think the only way to make it challenging is more weight lifted, more speed, more impact…
I am also part of their support network, constantly asking how things are going, making agreed plans and reviewing, keeping them on track, installing belief…
Showing them if they do things regularly enough the end result will be what they so desperately want.
There is no getting away from it, if we look better, we feel better, if we look better it means we have shed body fat so our health improves, if we move more we slow the rate at which our body ages, even short term exercising and eating healthy just lifts our spirits…
So are you taking your medicine?
If you need a written prescription scroll down to get my free best 7 steps a Busy Mum can start doing right now to make progress.
Ed (My system is like calpol for Mum’s health and losing and shaping) Stride.


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