Busy Mums, are these some of your Weight loss challenges? (And a tip to overcome them).

As a Busy Mum I bet there are a million reasons why you are currently struggling with you losing, shaping and health.
There are a million things that need your attention.
There are a million challenges.
TIME! Everything and everybody needs your time!
Temptations, they are everywhere! In your cupboards (for the children obviously) supermarkets, coffee shops, petrol stations – everywhere!
How on board with being healthy your spouse or circle of friends are, its very hard if they always tempt you!
Stress! Unwinding is done with rest and maybe a glass of something and some snacks, whilst congratulating yourself that you got through another day!
Your environment and the weather also have an influence.
These can all be major factors.
All though there is a problem, if the above are factors…
Then the only way you will get the results you want are if they change…
If suddenly you get more time back…
If the temptations dissapear, if everone you know adopts a healthy lifestyle and drags you on board!…
If your stress dramitacally decreases, I think its safe to say its not likely.
If the environment and weather align to make it easier.
The trouble is focusing on these you losing weight and toning is a bit out of your control.
Now even though it probably isn’t, you have to say you are to blame to get results.
it is not an easy thing, but when you do this it makes it easier to get results.
Because getting results is now in your hands, you are in control of the lifestyle bits you manage and can control.
What happens in the limited time you have, how many of the temptations you give in to, your lifestyle choices, wether you can use a healthy way to combat stress.
I am aware you can google knowledge, “ten exercises to get rid of your mummy tummy” “the latest diet that x celebrity is doing that really works this time and a plan”.
But it’s my job not just to give you the science of what works…
But a fundamental part of my job is to coach and support you do it, to find a way past the challenges, to remind you, you are on the right track, to keep that belief and remind you why it will work for you, to will you just to do the best you can when your stressors are saying a glass of wine and somewhere quiet would be better, which occasionally is probably the best thing…
but I also know that long term you would feel way way better by changing shape and the other things that come with it – health, vitality and optimism to name but a few…
And however I can, I want to help you do it.
For a free guide with steps that you can start applying from today, scroll down and click “get started now!”
Ed (I get the feeling a lot of the time those I help would quite like to punch me in the face most of the time, but maybe during that time where they are suddenly aware they can fit back into an item of clothing that they could’t for a while, a friend notices and complements you on the fact you have lost weight, maybe in that moment I’m not so bad :)) Stride.


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