How do I lose belly fat?(When I’m over 40 years old)

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It’s another common question I’m asked as coach
“How do I lose the fat on my belly?”
“My thighs?”
“Bingo wings?”
“Which exercise is it?”
Thinking you can exercise away fat, turn it into toned muscle
Look when I was younger
All those years ago, I had my own an ab exercise routine
Probably to some rubbish 90s music
But It’s still the biggest health and fitness myth
Maybe you have done loads of stomach exercises
Maybe your whole exercise session has been stomach exercises
Or various exercises to hit troublesome areas
“Yeah but is there one for lower abs?”
The thing is it doesn’t matter how many times you exercise an area
It won’t effect the body fat in that area or anywhere else
What will?
Putting in less calories than you burn on enough days for it to be noticeable
That’s how body fat is lost
But keep doing the exercise, especially the exercises that work a lot of muscle groups in one go
Because when the body fat decreases you will have shape underneath
That’s why my “rewind your age” online system is a complete system, eating to lose, low impact high calorie burn exercise routines
That help you lose fat and change shape
And of course be healthier
And in my experience of helping a lot of people 
Much happier too 🙂
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Ed (doing crunches in time with “return of the Mac” in the 90s) Stride
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