When it comes to Weight loss, how do you see it??

I have been talking to quite a range of Busy mums recently.
Those that just need some guidance to take action themselves and keep making progress.
But quite a few need a lot more help and are currently stuck and in need of ongoing help and guidance at least to get started or make more progress.
Which of those two groups do you fit into?
It depends which way you look at it, but if you fit into the last group, either when you acheive your lose and health target you know this will make you feel much better, about yourself about everything!
Or you current state makes you feel unhappy, stuck and frustrated, like a shadow over you that you can’t shake – yet 🙂
So depending on how you look at it, losing, shaping and improving health will make you feel better in many ways, wether you can focus on the benefits or feel less unhappy than you do currently.
Recently I have enjoyed doing some in person, phone and an overseas zoom (Video phone) consultation.
I have really enjoyed listening to what it is that needs to be achieved and why and then me lift the fog of the next step, getting started and just helping someone figure this out and have a couple of agreed things to take action on.
Sometimes all I help someone do is look at it a different way, see you Mum’s are good at being hard on yourselves!
But then the real stuff begins, being there to help and support a Mum through the process, in that initial consultation I get an understanding of why losing and improving shape is so important to them and will bring happiness and then it is my duty to coach that process and do what ever it takes to make that person happy.
Because that is what I do.
If you want to have a consultation to get started; face to face, on the phone or zoom video call (Its quite easy :))
then email me: ed@loseandshapeupexpert.com and I can remove the fog and give you a clear plan of action to start.
If making progress at losing and shaping would make you happy, then I would be very happy to help!
Or if you just want a guide with some steps you can use to make progress now, then get my free guide by scrolling down and going to “get started now!”
Ed (I know video calls- look at me, don’t worry I have a whole cupboard drawer of wads of hand written programmes of those I help, let’s just say I am edging towards the 21st century now) Stride.


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