Holidays are good for Weight Loss.

I know what you are thinking…
Holidays are good for losing weight and changing shape??
You are probably also thinking who goes on holiday and comes back in better shape than when they left?
Actually holidays give us quite a good opportunity.
Life can get a bit routine.
The day takes on the same pattern around the children.
To break that pattern to allow you to do anything for yourself is hard.
It takes effort to change lifestyle habits for healthier ones.
To fit in exercise, even though it can be short bursts of effort…
Still needs to be regular enough.
And you have to will yourself to do it.
Do you find that time has passed so quick and you just didn’t get time to focus on you and your health.
To do something you knew would make you feel better.
You know you need to make a few lifestyle habit changes that would make all the difference.
Fit in exercise, even if it was just a couple of times a week, but make that time for you.
If you could do this and make it habit, you know weight would start going down, your shape would change, clothes would fit better.
That would make you happier, which would make everyone happy.
Well, a holiday gives a great chance to detach from everyday life.
A break from the daily routine.
A chance to slow down a bit and have that thought process to decide what you could do differently.
When you have had that nice break, you can feel down on the return journey as you prepare to get back to everyday life.
But you can also use it to remind yourself what you are going to do differently making healthy habits and what it will look like.
The hardest bit is that start date, I advise you to set one as soon as you can when you get back.
If you need me to help you set those habits or figure out the right habits and get you started then let’s book something in so you have that date and we can make a plan to start your progress. (Even if it’s ideas of how to stay healthy through the summer).
Or for a free guide for 7 of my best lifestyle habits and steps to get started and progressing as soon as possible, scroll down to get yours.

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