Weight Loss especially for Busy Mums.

Welcome to today’s post.
Thank you for reading my posts, I hope you are continuing to find them useful and using them to good effect.
To really get the most out of the posts though, is to put them to use as soon as you can!
They are written with that in mind, I know you want to lose weight, Change Shape, improve health, fit better in clothes, have better muscle tone, just feel better in general…
I know you have massive time restraints, you feel guilty doing something for yourself.
Yes there are apps for logging food, weight loss systems and diets, calorie logging, measuring, even batch cooking and it works!
But you haven’t got time or need one more thing to think of.
Which means struggling on.
Well I want you to get results if you know you would feel so much better in doing so.
I know that in creating a weight loss system it has to work.
But in designing the system for a Busy Mum, it has to work, be time effective and minimal thought involved.
There of course are two things involved with losing weight and changing shape and that’s eating habits and exercise…
I’m sorry but no one gets results without those!
But it has to be a system that is easy to follow, where indulgences (things like let’s say wine or chocolate) can still be enjoyed.
That isn’t rigid, that is centred around eating foods you already enjoy.
That isn’t about counting calories or some kind of unrealistic system.
Exercise that is high calorie burn but low impact, muscle toning but simple.
I know you lack the support to make changes on your own, so I’m there to help you along, pick you up when you need it, remind you why you are doing it, even make the exercise enjoyable!
But find a way to easily fit the system in to your busy life enough so you start to see real progress.
Of course for me this is a business, but it is your results that tells me I’m doing my job right.
And to be honest reminds me why I do what I do.
When I get a message saying you feel much happier and stronger.
When I get a message saying you can fit into an outfit you haven’t been able to for a while.
Or a when a joint problem you have starts to ease and give you less discomfort.
How working with me raised your self esteem.
How you have lost 4 stone and your back is the best it’s ever been.
That is why I do what I do.
I would love to help you also, you can mail me at ed@loseandshapeupexpert.com
If you need something to start getting results, help yourself to my free 7 steps guide disigned especially for Busy Mums.
Ed ( Just about to turn 43 and feeling younger than ever and then an oddly placed mirror in a pub allows me to notice that the little hairless spot on my head is now plate sized, it’s like someone “upstairs” was saying “don’t get too cocky”) Stride.

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