What really happens (to your weight loss goal) when you over eat.

Ever gone out to dinner
Or a social event
And you plan to be “good”
and with all good intentions it goes a bit wrong
which then means the whole week end goes a bit wrong
and then you think you have totally ruined your results
that you are back to the start
basically you failed
when you weigh yourself…
you are about 2 kg’s or 5lbs roughly heavier
which feels like you have gone backwards
And you question wether you wan’t to go again
But as I mentioned a few times weight and fat are different
What you actually gained
Is water weight
Undigested food weight
And a bit of body fat – half a pound or so maybe
Basically you won’t change shape for the worse by having one unhealthy meal
or week end for that matter
you won’t change shape for the better after one healthy meal
Or healthy week
But here is the thing
What you do most 
Will determine wether your shape changes for the better or worse
in the longer term
not short term
here is something else I know
not many can do enough of the right thing to improve shape and health themselves
that’s why I created a system
that can be personalised
with support, help and accountability along the way
to go from stuck
to the excitement of making real progress
reply if you have a question

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Ed (If you could change shape for the worse in one meal I would enter a buffet resembling hopefully an aging fitness guy and end up having to be wynched out) Stride.

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