The truth about what it takes to see weight loss results.

I know you want to change shape
Reduce weight and have less body fat
Bit more energy
And feel healthier and happier about it all
One thing stopping you
Is what you think you are going to need to do to get there
It’s putting you off
You would like the things I mentioned earlier
But you don’t won’t to survive on crumbs whilst everyone eats nice food and gets to drink 
Or survive on salad
Have to do horrible exercises 
That you wouldn’t even want to watch someone you don’t like have to do
Or become an athlete
Never have your favourite food (or drink) 
Or do something completely different
Weigh everything
Exercise like a body builder
Or marathon runner
You don’t! 
None of that is remotely sustainable 
Or enjoyable
Your lifestyle does not need to be that different from now
Subtle swaps with what you eat will make the biggest difference to changing shape
Swapping for whole foods will improve your health
A few exercise swaps, will lead you feeling stronger, more energised and moving better
And assist with the first one in helping you change shape
Make sure you can do them long enough
And those small changes
Will be enough for big results.

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Ed (I was saying to my other half that if small changes are all that is needed to change shape, maybe if I made small changes I would have charisma and be more dynamic – apparently not) Stride.

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