Should your weight loss be happening faster?

So how is progress at the moment?
Are you trying to shed some body fat?
I am willing to bet a small amount of money
I’m low risk 🙂
That you want results fast
Whenever you have wanted progress
or experienced it
It’s never seemed to be fast enough
you see these promises of fast loss
You read or seen the titles of stories (maybe magazine covers)
about fast results
Everything else in life is fast
You felt like any body fat you put on was fast
By the way it wasn’t as fast as you think
You think that after a week of being “a bit focused” a big change will happen
It won’t
If you are making any kind of progress
Then that is amazing
most people are stuck
doing exactly the same thing they have always done
so nothing is changing
In fat loss, changing shape
and health
slow steady progress is the best kind
Because there is way more chance what you are doing is sustainable
steady progress doesn’t come from anything faddy
steady progress doesn’t come from anything drastic
steady progress complements health rather than instead of
steady progress usually ensures you are effecting metabolism positively
rather than causing it to slow
steady progress means you are not having a negative relationship with food.
fast doesn’t last (I need to trademark that 🙂
So if you are making steady progress
Then you are doing well
Keep doing what you are doing
If you are making no progress and haven’t for a while
Then reply with your question and we will look at how best to change it

If you want something to use to get started as soon as possible, download the metabolism report that gives you a few easy steps to get your metabolism working for you and making progress.
Ed (Fast doesn’t last, steady means you are shape change ready- should have quit after the first one) Stride.

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