What do celebrity health & fitness routines have in common?

Not so long ago
I was getting questions about celebrity fitness
What were their secrets?
Were they just different to us regular people?
Did their methods just not work for anybody else?
Have you decided this?
That you don’t posess the same genetics?
So when I was asked “how can I look like…” (insert celebrity name here)
I did what I usually do
And did a bit of research
But after studying quite a few
I got a bit bored
Not because I’m not overly interested in celebs
But because I was reading the same things
They were all good at following a healthy lifestyle
Exercising regularly
Strength training and other activities they enjoyed
And were healthy with their nutrition most of the time
If they had specific roles coming up, they may make an extra effort
And probably enjoyed themselves for a bit straight after
But nothing out there
It may help for motivation to know you are going to be in front of a huge audience
And on camera
A BIG reason to do it
It also helps when you have a whole team of experts advising you
Fitness Experts
Nutrition Experts
Well if it helps I have created a system with the same principles
But designed for those forty and above
Who can follow it to be in celebrity shape and health
But with added strong and supported backs and joints
So it works for your individual needs
Ed (started off excited to do research, lost the will to live after reading quite a few case studies) Stride.
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About the Author Ed Stride