Can you still eat what you like and get weight loss results over 40?

Let’s face it, even now, the subject I’m asked most about…
It’s weight loss! Or fat loss to be more specific 🙂
Those asking it know “at our age” it’s harder
But looking good still makes us feel good, right?
Fitting into the clothes we want to wear
Not worrying about health risk factors 
Having more energy
But one common misconception stops many people taking action
Quite possibly you too?
That you think you are going to have to give up every food you like!
Be in shape like someone into fitness
But not be eating plain chicken and broccoli at every meal
I have no idea where this came from
Yes if you want to have hardly any body fat do this
If you like chicken and broccoli and want to eat it forever 
But if like me you like your food
Then to be in good shape
You do have to watch portion size, eat healthy 70-80% of the time
*Healthy not bland
Which leaves 20-30% for the fun stuff
*But that’s not going over board though
But no gimmicks
But you know if you are not getting the results you want
You are going to have to take some more action!
I have a simple total lifestyle system that helps you do just that.

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Ed ( if however you are priming yourself to have the biggest unplanned blow out possible, have chicken and broccoli at each meal and see how long it takes you to have one 🙂) Stride.

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