What are those women doing who make weight loss progress?

What do you need to do to lose weight, change shape and improve health?
There is a good chance you already know.
But you find yourself struggling to do the right things, you start with good intensions at the start of the day or social occasion and somewhere it goes a bit wrong.
And when it goes a little bit wrong, it then seems OK to go a lot wrong!
Or you plan to change a few habits and before you blink, because of how busy you are, you find another day, then week, then year has gotten away!
Or sometimes you hear or read something or you have a friend who mentions something that works fast…
You know if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is, but you are very tempted none the less!
Or as soon as you do something that you know is bad for results, you berate your self and your lack of ability to do what is necessary and go back to bad habits.
What you really want to be able to do is for the first time in ages is start to make progress, enough to motivate you to make more and stick to it, so you really start to feel better, you notice the change, so do others and start asking you what you are doing and when you try on clothes that haven’t fit for a while, they fit and fit comfortably.
What I help those like you to do is not only just stick to exactly what works and gets long term results, but be able to keep doing it long enough to make a habit.
I notice so many changes in those I help along the way…
Where before an unplanned indulgence would lead to self beration and stopping, now they know it’s “forget it, maybe think what could have been done differently and go back to good habits”.
Rather than the goal of “I just want to lose a bit of weight” they know exactly what the outcome will be and the changes it will bring, are excited by the multiple benefits and have a deadline.
Rather than elimate food groups or restrict or the mentality of I will do this for a week and see what happens, each habit is about the forseeable future and building good habits to get lasting results.
Even in the craziest of weeks they still look for the chance a couple of times just to fit in 10 minutes of exercise here or there.
Rather than leave it to chance at each meal, they have at least an idea of what they are going to eat and usually can get by with what is in the fridge, cupboards or even hand bag for a quick snack.
And know lots of different healthy meals they actually enjoy.
And that overall belief that they just need to do their best, with what they have, with the time they have and know it will happen if they stay on the same path!
If you need something to get you started now, scroll down to get my 7 steps guide you can start doing right now to make progress or for help getting started send me a message at: ed@loseandshapeupexpert.com.
Ed (When faced with a lifestyle challenge ask your self “what would a lose and shape upper do?”) Stride.


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