How to make healthy eating for Weight Loss less boring.

1 thing I think helps me stay healthy is my lack of need for variety in my lifestyle habits.
I think I just said being the opposite of dynamic helps for losing and shaping. 🙂
Maybe the reason you are struggling is that you are too dynamic and spontaneous!
Being a Busy Mum, especially when the children are or were younger, did you find having a routine helps or helped?
Living with little ones myself  (not so little now) there was and is still a routine.
Do you have a routine for yourself?
Do you have healthy habits for yourself?
Or do you find yourself repeating the same unhealthy habits? Grabbing whatever food you can on the go?
Never being able to find time for exercise?
Or you find healthy eating boring and uninteresting and you can end up eating the same healthy but boring thing over and over, until you get bored of it and that leads to you stopping?
Or if you get chance to exercise you tend to use one machine or stick to what is comfortable or one activity?
Which either means you are waiting to make progress or have not started yet.
But you know if you could do the right things often enough progress would be made.
Then you would feel better, healthier, be able to get back into your favourite clothes.
Now like I said, I don’t need much variety when it comes to eating habits, I eat the same healthy breakfast about six days a week (scrambled eggs with tomato, spinach and cheese). Not that much variety with snacks and lunches and a little list of dinners.
I have an exercise routine and for those I help that involves a system where exercises can be picked from to make sure all muscles are worked.
Now I understand many of you reading need a bit more variety, especially when it comes to food.
I would advise making a big list of all the foods you enjoy eating or foods you would like to try, focusing on the healthy ones and then working out how many combinations of different meals you can come up with,
Or finding healthy recipes.
I bet there are way more than you think!
And trying different types of exercise, especially strength type ones (that are right for you).
The key is if you enjoy the food you are eating, which should not be restrictive you will be more likely to keep doing it.
And the key to getting the results you want is doing the right things often enough!
For a free guide that has 7 steps you can start applying right now to make progress, scroll down.
Ed ( What do you mean there are no eggs left, what am I going to do!) Stride.


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