Weight loss tips you can learn from my visit to the Kebab House.

Yes that is not a spelling mistake in the title…
I will set the scene…
It was a Sunday night, me and Mrs Ed had talked about going for a roast at the end of our Sunday together (child free)…
Now Sunday is a day I don’t have to be health focused.
In fact I get up early and have breakfast on the go, go out (whatever the weather) to do my little photography obsession.
Usually take some kind of snack with me.
Back at lunchtime, take the dog for a walk, light lunch (what ever is nearest) and on this occasion go for a walk with mrs Ed usually by the coast, after, a hot or cold drink and then food.
Now we were going to have a roast, but the little one’s requested one the day before.
By now it had got quite late.
I hadn’t eaten much all day.
So it was opt for the healthiest take away.
Kabab house.
Yep if you have grilled meat and salad it is.
However, I suddenly realised how hungry I am.
I see the doner meat spinning around (I’m sober).
I decide to add that to my grilled chicken, then I see it, they do an XL mixed version!
I’m assuming lots of people order that, it’s normal…
The guy there whispers to his collegue “how many peices of grilled chicken in the XL?”…
At the end as he hands the takeaway meal to his collegue to pass to me, I hear the words “blimey that’s heavy”…
Maybe not so normal after all…
Mrs Ed sticks to her original plan.
At home I put mine on a plate (it’s as posh as I get).
My first problem is, how do I touch any of this without it falling off the plate?
I eat the salad first, I’m still left with a massive pile.
To be honest, the size is not a problem, I am a walking dust bin!
But indegestion is setting in.
I also don’t like waste.
It’s about then I lock eyes with a salavating Labrador doing her best cute face.
Only some of the doner meat (if it is meat) is left, I have eaten the healthy stuff first, I kept some kind of focus.
So I decide I have had enough, the dog is happy!
Oh dear, the so called health and fitness coach has over indulged again.
I start to feel bad, strangely I’m not full, just thinking did I need to order all that.
Will my clients notice that I am not making eye contact with them out of guilt the next day.
But of course I remember I am a coach!
My own (I will admit slightly preachy and annoying) coachy words start entering my head.
“You can’t change it, so move on”
“You can no longer effect it, but you can start with a healthy breakfast and get back to healthy habits tomorrow.”
“What lessons could you learn in the same situation, next time?”
Well, here is what I would do…
What becomes a problem is doing this all the time, it was a very active day 14,000 steps + but I have still had more calories than I need, if I did that every day that’s body fat gain.
Really I needed to have more at lunch and a snack in the afternoon.
Blood sugar stabilisation is the second most important thing, if your blood sugar get’s very low (and you are standing in a kebab house) bad things are going to happen!
Or instead I could have had two different types of grilled meat, less calories, but as filling.
The day after though I am back to my normal practicing what I preach and excercising.
The key being.
Don’t dwell on your indulgences.
You are human.
Focus on not having an unhealthy meal twice.
Work out what you could do differently in a similar situation.
Don’t let your blood sugar drop too low.
And if you are not doing it very often, then bloomin’ enjoy it. (So did the dog).
Even better hire someone who has a proven system and can coach you to stay in the right mentality (most of the time) to get results and is also human too!
Ed (Umm big apologies to vegetarians reading) Stride.
P.S If you need some pointers download my free guide (below) use the comments for questions or email me at ed@loseandshapeupexpert.com to set up a complimentary consultation by phone or in person (places limited).


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